After Noon – Susan Ertz

After Noon ALB

A novel about a man who, as a single parent, must reconcile himself to his daughters growing up and his own life becoming full again. 1926. Continue reading →

2 thoughts on “After Noon – Susan Ertz

  1. Marvelous story of how you found this book. Always go with those impulses, I say; I’ve passed up a few over the years that I regret enormously.

    I have heard of Susan Ertz; I even have one of her books, Charmed Circle, on my shelf waiting to be read for the Century of Books challenge in 2014. I’ve just briefly dipped into it, just enough to see that it is well written. So I’m very happy to hear your good experience with After Noon.

    Very nice blog – am I correct in thinking that it is a fairly new enterprise? I too enjoy similar genres of vintage books; so wonderful to see another reader of these too-often-forgotten stories!

    Happy reading and writing. 🙂 I’ll be following your future reviews with great interest!

    • Charmed Circle is on my to-read list too! Along with any other book of hers I can get my hands on, needless to say. Unfortunately, her books suffer from that same-book-under-multiple-titles syndrome. It just requires a bit more involvement in the treasure hunt.

      Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Yes, it’s quite new. Something I’ve thought about doing for a long time, I just never found the “focus” I wanted it to take until recently. Your blog has been a major source of inspiration! So, in turn, thank you!

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