Cluny Brown – Margery Sharp


A novel about a young woman in WWII-era Britain who is deemed not to know her place in life, so her uncle/guardian sends her off to be a housemaid at a country estate. 1944. Continue reading →

One thought on “Cluny Brown – Margery Sharp

  1. Hurray for you! You’ve discovered Margery Sharp! I do so envy you in your future reading discoveries; she is one of my absolute favourite writers. I have all but two of her novels (Rosa and Sun in Scorpio) and I am dragging out getting those as long as possible because then I will have nothing else to look forward to. Except re-reads, of course.

    Have never seen the movie; not sure I’d be brave enough to, just in case it doesn’t live up to the original! But I believe it did well in theatres; Cluny Brown is still easy to find because of the large print runs done to tie in with the film’s release. Ditto Britannia Mews and The Nutmeg Tree.

    So great to read this review. Thank you.

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